Aug. 20, 2020

HARRISBURG – With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting countless individuals and industries across the Commonwealth, Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence) today announced that he is co-sponsoring legislation introduced by Rep. Matt Dowling (R-Fayette/Somerset) to help companies in the event industry from being forced to close and allow them to operate safely at 50% capacity.

“Companies that plan and organize a wide range of events are vital for Pennsylvania’s economy and employ thousands of Pennsylvanians, so our support is essential,” said Bernstine, noting that most are small businesses that patronize other local small businesses. “Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s new restrictions, event venues that were built to hold hundreds are now limited to only 25 persons. Thank you to Rep. Dowling for introducing this legislation.”

In July, the governor limited indoor events and gatherings to 25 persons – regardless of the venue’s capacity – and outdoor events and gatherings to 250 people. He also included staff in the maximum occupancy limit. For example, a social hall that could hold 1,000 people is now limited to 25. This has impacted community fundraisers, weddings, family celebrations, scouting ceremonies, among countless others.

The legislation, which includes venues, caterers and other businesses, would still require the businesses to adhere to social distancing standards per the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“I will continue to fight to help save the event industry and the thousands of indirect businesses that are supported by it,” said Bernstine. “The governor’s unrealistic capacity restrictions will no doubt force countless businesses to permanently close. By failing to work with local officials and lawmakers on a viable solution, the governor has essentially placed millions of Pennsylvanians workers on unemployment.”

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